" We put the right information in the right hands at the right time to produce amazing    results "
MPOWER Customer
What is MPOWER ?
Vital production decisions are usually based on historical data, last week's production numbers, and last months P&L. How do you now what is happening today, this shift, this instant, and change the outcome in real time? The solution is MPOWER.

MPOWER gathers, monitors, and reports your shop floor data in real time giving you up to the minute information to enhance decision making.

Every company collects data with methods ranging from operators or supervisors keeping notes on clipboards to fully integrated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Regardless of which data collection method an organization uses, the data is useless unless it is quickly interpreted and clearly presented to the individuals who can directly effect change. MPOWER, through our manned control room, gives real time feedback by phone, page, text or email on matters that affect the efficiency of your operation. In addition, a clear and customized reporting system that allows your business to stay nimble and proactive in identifying and adjusting for changes in the production flow.

MPOWER provides the ability to watch every facet of an organization's process flow utilizing the power of SCADA along with a live monitored control room. Secure actionable data is furnished in real time to those involved with the process, from the operator on the line, to the CEO watching his company from his laptop on the other side of the world. By providing a set of eyes 24/7/365 to watch for exceptions and out of tolerance conditions as well as trends that point to impending problems, MPOWER provides the tools you need to not only keep your plant processes running as designed, but to find opportunities to increase efficiency, lower cost, and increase output often with little or no capital expenditures.

For the last 11 years, we have been developing, measuring, and improving systems in our manufacturing facility in Suwanee, GA. We understand the complexity of selecting, installing, managing and ultimately gaining an advantage from SCADA systems.

Our manufacturing facility uses the same MPOWER system we are offering you. Our success and improvement opportunities are measured, tracked, monitored and recorded on the same platform presented to you.

Come visit – Anytime!
We encourage you to visit our facility and see first hand how we developed the MPOWER system.