We guarantee to identify savings greater than the monthly fee, or we will charge nothing. We work in partnership with you and we have no desire to install and provide you a service that you will not benefit from. Our pledge is simple. We will complete sufficient research to identify potential savings and report these to you via reports and discussions. If we get it wrong, you can cancel the agreement. So we don't get it wrong, we will work closely with you and your team to jointly define goals.
SCADA systems and data gathering has been available for some time but the initial cost of an enterprise-level solution and the staff or professional services required to maintain it can quickly consume any savings you might realize. Using shared resources, the MPOWER system is provided on a simple, once a month, fee basis. There are no expensive capital items to specify, purchase and install, substantial consulting costs to invest, or complex SCADA systems to evaluate and design.

Each 36 month agreement is designed to suit each clients needs with one initial set up fee, equivalent to one additional month.

The monthly service can include any of the following items:
  • 1.Initial survey – includes goal setting
  • 2.Hardware Specification and Installation
  • 3.Software and IT
  • 4.Camera systems
  • 5.Real time monitoring
  • 6.Reporting

Confidentiality Shared services mean we group many companies together, use the same resources to reduce cost and provide the same level of information and service enjoyed by Multinationals. Sharing resources does not mean sharing your data or your reports. Our absolute guarantee is that all data and reporting remains completely confidential and our US governed NDA is binding on all our partners.