The control room element of our MPOWER system gives you access to a tool that is normally only feasible for billion dollar multinationals. Employing a staff to sit in a designed control room in your own location is not a viable option for most companies. Our control room team operates 24/7/365 monitoring your operation and giving real-time feedback to your designated contacts to instantly improve your efficiency.

Monitoring the output from MPOWER in combination with high definition video, we can see the cause of delays or downtimes and communicate them to you instantly via VOI, Text and email messaging, screen to screen, calls, or instantly through installed speakers. Gathering large amounts of data is great, but crunching the numbers and understanding the results is very time consuming. Finding out days after an event is not only frustrating but results in lost opportunities to improve your process and possibly extends downtimes. MPOWER real-time monitoring and support gives you access to the instant answers you need.
Using the data from MPOWER we have designed a simple and very effective reporting system. There is no value in gathering data without a system in place to analyze and report so you can make educated decisions. Reports are created from your defined goals. The reports target opportunities that we jointly discuss and are presented in a time frame that best suits your needs. These shared reporting resources cut cost to you and provide information to you in virtually any format. This flexibility ensures that you are not tied down into proprietary software with substantial fees for downloads and reporting.